Episode 5:
'Now is the time'

with Itxaso Del Palacio, Partner, Notion

There hasn't been a better time to start a company in Europe, but you must find an investor company which is right for you and your business.

“It's much more powerful when founders who have gone through a similar process connect with those who are experiencing challenges.”

Itxaso Del Palacio

Partner, Notion

Business Bio...

Itxaso Del Palacio is a Partner at Notion, a leading European B2B SaaS focused VC which has invested in companies such as GoCardless, CurrencyCloud, TradeShift and Unbabel among others. Prior to that, Itxaso was the Investment Partner for M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) in Europe. Some of the most recent investments led by Itxaso include Yulife (new life insurance provider), ForestAdmin (admin panel framework), Onfido (identity verification platform), Unbabel (Machine Translation solution) and Beamery (CRM of recruitment).

On the academic side, Itxaso is a senior teaching fellow in entrepreneurship at UCL School of Management. For the past nine years, Itxaso has taught entrepreneurship at UCL, Imperial College and the Royal College of Arts in London. Itxaso is an engineer and has a PhD in entrepreneurship and venture capital.



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