Episode 2:
'Be bold, be brave,
be visionary'

With John Galpin, Co-Founder, Design by Structure

When it comes to building brands, John is an advocate of making the complex simple.

Having a business vision should be
celebrated and embraced.

John Galpin

Co-Founder, Design by Structure

Buisness Bio...

A forward-thinking leader, with over 17 years of creative industry experience, John Galpin is a 
co-founder of Design by Structure (Structure). Structure creates highly relevant and compelling brands for next-generation tech companies.

John is responsible for leading brand and digital strategy, working with C-level clients to realise their ambitions of building businesses that create meaningful change in their respective sectors. He brings specialist industry knowledge to client projects gleaned from 20 years of working with high growth technology companies. John's greatest expertise lies in the ability to make the complex simple and more compelling.


Episode 2: KISS principles 

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