Episode 5: 'Now is the time!'
with Itxaso Del Palacio, Partner, Notion 

Itxaso speaks to Parker about how the European market has changed in the last couple of years. 2020 was the first time that European funds outperformed US funds. There’s a lot of investment money in the market, so, if you are an entrepreneur, it's the best time to start a company.


Episode 4: 'Delight your customers'
with Felipe Navío, Co-founder and Co-CEO, jobandtalent

Felipe chats about his own experience of pivoting a business eight years down the line to hit a billion-dollar revenue four years later. He believes if something isn’t working don’t ever be afraid to change it and in the power of the 10x experience.


Episode 3: 'Embrace the tough'
with Leda Glyptis, CCO, 10x Banking.

Parker and Leda discuss how founders often think their challenges are unique, but there aren’t! They face the same issues but address them in different ways. It's a tough road for founders, but that's normal.


Episode 2: 'Be Bold, be brave, be visionary'
with John Galpin, Co-founder, Design by Structure.

In the early growth stages of a business when it comes to positioning, it’s often about the start-up story and not about the product/service or the problem it’s solving for customers. 

Branding guru John Galpin talks to Parker about when B2B founders need to develop their brand, the trap of poor brand positioning and communications, and he reveals the principles to building a brand.


Episode 1: 'You have to lean into sales'
with Seth DeHart, Venture Partner, Point Nine.

Parker discusses the best approach to go-to-market (GTM) and sales strategies for European B2B start-ups with Seth DeHart. He asks, why is ‘sales’ considered a dirty word in European markets and why some founder’s don't value it as a tool to grow and shape their business.


 It’s important for VC's to have empathy
for what the founders go through. 

Itxaso Del Palacio,

 Partner , Notion

Episode 6: 

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