The KISS Principles

The Lost Art of Keeping It Simple

The KISS Principles is a podcast about the lost art of keeping it simple in business. In a series of fireside chats with industry experts, our host discusses the barriers and challenges faced by founders in the European B2B marketplace.


The podcast aims to help founders to be successful by sharing some of the key learnings and experiences of our host Parker Crockford, who has worked with technology businesses in European markets for over a decade.

Parker brings his uniquely American perspective to European business problems, with a focus on sales and growth. Each episode explores a business pain point with a dynamic industry leader. They will share real-life examples to help demystify the challenges that founders experience, and how they might pivot their thinking to build powerful GTM strategies to scale their businesses.

Each episode is accompanied by a downloadable PDF containing the key KISS principles from each discussion.

Many founders experience the same problems, but don't know it. This podcast is about helping them grow their business in a meaningful way.

Parker Crockford

The KISS Principles


A new creative partnership

The KISS Principles is a new creative partnership between our host Parker Crockford and brand agency Design by Structure (Structure). 

Parker has worked previously with Structure co-founder John Galpin on strategy and branding briefs for his clients.  Both are champions for founders success stories and have discussed in-depth the challenges they experience across different sectors and markets, particularly B2B founders with a direct focus on Europe.

Therefore, it was a natural fit for us to work together to develop The KISS Principles podcast, where Parker brings a voice to the conversation, while Structure brings it to life creatively.

Design by Structure

Design by Structure (Structure) creates relevant and compelling brands for next-generation tech companies.

Combining specialist industry knowledge, strategic insight, and powerful creativity, we discover our clients’ value and communicate their stories with impact.

We deliver enduring success for our clients, transforming their position in the market.


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